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The business affairs of the Rosewall community are managed under the direction of the Rosewall Townehome Association, Inc.ís elected Board of Directors.  Rosewall uses a combination of


Directors and Officers


Rosewall is managed under the direction of four Board of Director members.  The homeowners elect the directors during the annual homeowners meeting and serve a one year term.  The board currently meets the first Wednesday of each month.


The Board of Directors elects officers to serve a one year term at the first board meeting.    Generally, the directors and officers are the same.  Rosewall officers include a president, vice president/treasurer and secretary.   The following are the current 2007 directors and officers of Rosewall Townehomes Association, Inc.: 

Director and President:    Skip Vail

Director and Treasurer:    Mari-Beth O'Neil

Director and Secretary:    Clare Dupree                     



Rosewall has two committees: Building Committee and Grounds Committee.   The committee structure is intended to involve as many homeowners as possible in the important affairs of the community.  Committee membership is voluntary and committee chairmen are appointed by the Board.

The Building Committee is responsible for reviewing repair and maintenance issues for all exterior surfaces of homes (view more details). 


The Grounds Committee is responsible for all landscaping and maintenance of common areas (view more details).


Management Company


Although Rosewall has maintained a relationship with a management company in the past, Rosewall is currently self-managed and does not use a management company.   Rosewall business affairs are managed through its board of directors and committees.


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