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Buidling Committee Duties


The following the duties of the Building Committee:


1.  Work the Board and other committees to develop and maintain the Repair Policy (Note:  The policy should be flexible, clear and legally enforceable)


  • What is repaired
  • When is damage repaired
  • How is damage repaired

 2.  Help maintain a process for identifying and acting upon repairs


  • Identification of repair need
  • Conveying notice of repair need to Board
  • Classification of repair
  • Approval of repair
  • Assignment to contractor
  • Notice to homeowner
  • Repair completed
  • Approval and feedback on repair
  • Payment for work

 3.  Help identify contractors (Note: current contractors seem to be contractors who work on commercial facilities; consider finding contractors who work on residential buildings)


4.  Review and recommend changes to the associationís policies for managing homeowner requests to make architectural changes to the exteriors of their homes (new structures, exterior improvements, paint colors, etc) (Note: covenants, articles and bylaws of the association require that all homeowners obtain approval prior to making improvements)


  • Guidelines
  • Forms
  • Approval process
  • Effect of failure to follow rules

 5.  Assist with development of the capital improvement plan 


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