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Like most homeowner associations, Roswell business affairs and community conduct are controlled by a combination of fixed and flexible rules.  These rules range from covenants to community policies.


Policies and Guidelines
The covenants and bylaws give the Board of Directors certain limited authority to adopt general policies to manage community affairs.    Most policies are intended to supplement or clarify the covenants and bylaws.  Policies include:

Bylaws are rules governing the management of association business affairs as a supplement to the covenants.  View current Bylaws.


Covenants are detailed rules governing the use of Rosewall property that is recorded with the local clerks office at the time the community was first created.  The original real estate developer filed two sets of covenants the original on May 15, 1986 and restated covenants on August 25, 1997 (which supercedes the original covenants).   View Restated Covenants.


Articles of Incorporation

The Articles of Incorporation is the document filed with the state to initially create the corporate entity.  View the Articles.

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